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Testimonials for Swift Law

Read testimonials from previous clients of Swift Law PLLC, practicing consumer, personal injury, and disability law.

"Attorney Aaron Swift is one of the best negotiators I have ever met.  He is polite, energetic, and kind.  He does fantastic work, and I recommend him to anyone with credit or other consumer issues."

— Dorothy T., Miami, Florida

"I have been in the credit consulting industry for over 30 years. During my tenure, I have witnessed thousands of credit reporting and debt collection violations. When I more recently became a victim of the credit reporting agencies and debt collectors myself, I searched for two years to find the right attorney to fight back against these abusive companies. Finally, through a referral from another firm, I found Aaron. The work he has done for me personally has been nothing short of awesome! Thank you Aaron!"

– Dave P., Orlando, Florida.

"Attorney Swift is a tireless, fierce, and compassionate advocate.  He represented me in a consumer fraud dispute against a car dealership on a contingency-fee basis, and me and my family could not be happier with the result!"

— Mike K., St. Petersburg, Florida.